Authentic Conversations in Business

Come practice voicing the parts of yourself that have been longing to be voiced. In this practice we’ll create opportunities for you to try out different ways of being and speaking. You’ll have the opportunity to see how others – willing participants like yourself – feel in response to new ways of being and speaking. This environment is conveniently separate from your world of work, giving you the opportunity to try – and possibly fail sometimes, and hopefully succeed other times. We hope you’ll discover new ways of communicating that you can apply in your business relationships to create more win-win results.

Authentic Conversations in Business (ACB) is designed by Jason Zwolak in collaboration with Marc Beneteau. ACB is based on Authentic Relating, a more general practice with many of the same principles and practices you’ll experience at ACB.

Authentic Relating Games Night

Experience more authentic and deep connections with others wanting the same. Authentic Relating Games Night can be both fun and intense as we facilitate relational games designed to help you open up and lean into your growth edge. Though each night varies on the spectrum of fun to intense (sometimes embodying both equally), participants report coming away feeling nourished in connection with other human beings and sometimes challenged to release old thoughts and patterns that have been creating barriers to such connection.

Authentic Relating Games Night (GN) sets a container where we agree to honor our self and others while going to the edge of our comfort zone to see what we discover!


Circling is a practice of coming to meet other human beings more fully and deeply. We try to really understand what another person’s experience is like and what is present in this moment. Sometimes referred to as “interpersonal meditation”, circling has a strong element of presence and slowness (relative to most conversations) while talking and sharing about in-moment experiences, feelings, desires, thoughts, and sensations.

Unlike GN, there are no games at circling and no moment-to-moment instructions. Circling is much more open ended. A more complete description can be found on Authentic Montreal’s website or by searching for “circling” on Google.